Maudhui House is a content development & digital marketing agency incorporated under
the companies’ act of 2015.

Founded by a network of experienced and talented journalists, Maudhui House makes a
difference by telling impactful stories to reach the widest of the target audiences, be they
corporate, government, business, and community or individual stories.

Supported by our proficiency in native advertising and our dedicated team of content
experts, we create new and impactful content for you with a special focus on your products and services.


Contact Details

Maudhu House Limited
Nairobi Kenya.

+254 702 622 453 (main number)

Email: [email protected]

About us

Maudhui House seeks to make a difference in telling stories and deliver this in a way that the widest of the audience get to hear about them.

We combine your expertise with our trusted editorial to provide your audience with valuable content.


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