The perfect serve, Nabo Bistro chef serves Hop House 13 chicken wings during the unveil of the Hop House 13 Flavor by Fire show.

If you’re planning to use beer to toast to good life with your friends this holiday, chances are that you’ll be serving the brew straight up in a big, frosty mug.

It might interest you to know that times are changing and perhaps you need to give a try to something new if you’re a beer lover.

With evolving cooking styles, an increasing variety of dishes such as stews, grilled chops, soups, and yes, even sweets, can be flavored with a splash of beer.

In July, Kenya Breweries Limited through Guinness variant Hop House 13 introduced a new barbecue experience, Flavor by Fire, that seeks to usher in a new culture of pairing beer with food.

And yes, you might even crack open a cold one while you’re grilling or when whipping your favourite holiday meal with beer, too.

Starting this month, Flavor by Fireshow that will stream on Guinness’ YouTube channel will be providing plenty of tips on how you can go about cooking with beer.

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In the show, three contestants from Kenya will do battle, making delectable grilled dishes while infusing Guinness HH13 as one of their key ingredients.

From tasty lamb chops to chicken wings as well as burgers, all infused with Guinness HH13, or as a pairing option during the meal, these beer recipes will have your guests wondering what’s the secret recipe.

In the show, stand-out foodies Anita Nderu, Elias Gatungu, and Alice Watare will be showcasing their skills and helping the viewers learn innovative ways of infusing the HH13 recipes in their everyday cooking.

The judges of the show are world-renowned chef Leisamon Ole Sempele, content creators Cris Njoki and Muriuki Kagiri aka the Dapper Brother, model Khula Budi, and photographer Victor Maina.

The Flavor by Fire Show contestants, Media Personality, Anita Nderu (left), Elias Gatungu and Alice Watare of ‘Wheresthefood’ during the unveil of the Hop House 13 Flavor by Fire show at the Nabo Bistro in Kileleshwa.

By using beer as an ingredient, one gets a rich, earthy flavor in their cooking such as soups, making them taste as if they’ve been simmering for hours.

One does not have to worry about getting high because virtually all of the alcoholic beverage evaporates during cooking.

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