Monday, September 23, 2019
Climate Change

Nations must act again to avert the deadly effects of climate Change

In August 1987, delegates from thirty nations converged in Montreal, Canada. One by one, they arrived at the Headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization. The purpose of this meeting was...

Everyone needs a financial lift at some point

Damning statistics indicate that in Kenya, a majority of small businesses don’t get to celebrate their second birthdays. While a good number of those that do, are usually packing up by their...
Mobile loans

CBK says consumers should only worry about unlicensed digital lenders

Kenyans have nothing to worry about digital lenders regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)
Barclays Timiza

Is Timiza part of Absa’s plan to deliver African Banking

For Barclays Kenya, Timiza represents close to four million new virtual bank branches, pushing out loans of up to Sh13 Billion since inception. The micro-lending platform helped push Barclays Kenya operating profits up by 13...

Lack of transparency in a previous deal comes back to haunt Airtel Telkom merger

The planned Airtel Telkom merger has now been put on freeze after anti-corruption sleuths opened a probe into allegations of misappropriation of public funds in the process of the recapitalization and restructuring of the...