How grass-root tourneys are revolutionizing Kenya’s sports sector

For thousands of young Kenyans, the passion for football is part of their daily lives, whether as players on the pitch, spectators in the stands or watching television at home or elsewhere.
Safiri Smart

Safaricom and a Korean mobile operator unveil ‘Safiri Smart’ service to boost global epidemic...

The threat of a global pandemic is rising again. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is grappling with the world’s second-largest Ebola epidemic on record, with more than...

Chicken tops Jumia food orders

E-commerce operator Jumia says Kenyans order more chicken on its online trading platform as price cuts steam up competition for food deliveries. Jumia said data indicates that Kenyans...

Big bargain as Safaricom slashes Smartphone prices by up to 45 percent

It is early Christmas for Safaricom customers after the telco slashed prices of smartphones and accessories by up to 45 percent. Safaricom says the offers are aimed at complimenting...

How Jambojet is revolutionizing low-cost air travel

East Africa's economy is thriving. A stable political climate, favorable trade policies and a more focused approach on infrastructure development have seen East Africa outpace other regional blocs...