Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Internet data

Governments are taxing the internet to fund ballooning budgets.

Africa is witnessing a reversal of the wave that swept the internet into public and private spaces cumulating to a declaration more than 15 years ago that made it a human right.

Beer could be an embodiment of national symbolism

On October 5th, the beer started flowing at Oktoberfest in Nairobi, a two-day festival organized by the brewers of Tusker – one of the country’s most adored beers – that has become...
CBK old 1000 shilling notes.

CBK reveals over seven billion became worthless after deadline lapse

The Central bank of Kenya (CBK) says that over seven million pieces of the old one thousand shillings had not been returned by the September 30th deadline, rendering over seven billion shillings...
Equity Millennials

Millennials don’t like banks, at least not in the traditional sense

Compared to any other channel, the new bankable millennial in Kenya today overwhelmingly prefers to use their smartphone for making financial transactions of any size. With a simple...
Guinness Hop House 13

EABL is betting on a new Guinness variant to drive revenue growth

Two hundred and fifty years later, Guinness remains one of the most popular beers in an arguably overcrowded booze market. And, on 27th of September, the Irish brewer which trades in Kenya...