Monday, November 11, 2019
Ebola Virus

Kenya should worry about the Ebola virus outbreak

The Ebola virus that first swept through the isolated forest village of Yambuku in Northern Zaire, continues to haunt health officials and economies all over the world, 43 years later.
Shupavu 291

Safaricom backed ‘Shupavu 291’ is revolutionizing education in Kenya, one click at a time

In the outskirts of Nairobi, Livingstone Mwalish is engrossed in his mobile phone scrolling up and down. His small home in the informal settlements of Kawangware Nairobi made from...
Crude Oil

Kenya flags off her first crude oil shipment bound for China

Mombasa, Kenya (26th August) -  President Uhuru Kenyatta today flagged of Kenya's very first Crude Oil shipment of 200,000 barrels valued at Ksh 1.2 Billion. The inaugural shipment bound for China marked Kenya's entry...
Northern White Rhino

When ‘Sudan’ the rhino died; plight of a wildlife ranger

It’s the afternoon of the 19th day of March 2018. Sudan, the last Northern Male White Rhino had just died. Mr. Peter Ekale, a forty-five year-old head ranger at Olpejeta Conservancy sat quietly on...
Digifarm Makueni

An over reliance on rain fed agriculture is hurting farmers in Makueni, but there’s...

About twenty-five kilometers off a road intersection at Emali in Makueni County lays kwakakulu village. There, Mr. John Ndisu, a green gram farmer gracefully winnows his bowl to separate the good grain from the chaff. This...