4G Powerd Base Station

Wireless fundamentals – How 4G is shoring up our virtual lives

Aside from the trifling trade wars being orchestrated by Donald Trump’s America, much of the current hype in the tech world involves fascinating stories about the capabilities of 5G technology.

Debtor wants Tuju jailed for defying court orders

East African Development Bank (EADB) through its lawyer Senior Counsel Fred Ojiambo wants Jubilee Secretary-General Raphel Tuju confined to civil jail for frequently disobeying court orders in an ongoing Ksh 1.6 Billion...

Kenya to participate in a global clinical trial of a promising COVID-19 drug

In a study directly approved by the Ministry of health, global biotech giant Roche Pharmaceuticals will today begin clinical trials of Actemra (tocilizumab) - its drug that has demonstrated promising results on patients with severe...

Girl power: One small step for women entrepreneurs

Great business ideas are just as likely to be conceived at the kitchen table as in a bar with the boys. But sadly, compared to men, only a...
Coronavirus Pandemic

As the pandemic gathers pace, philanthropy is shining a ray of hope

Gauging how badly the coronavirus has damaged the economy is tricky. Its fury has resulted in deaths, devastated markets and government budgets, and led to massive unemployment.  The country...