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Household pollution – the invisible killer

Household smoke – causing respiratory infections; is thought to be the world’s most lethal environmental problem. In Kenya for instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that each year,...
Safiri Smart

Safaricom and a Korean mobile operator unveil ‘Safiri Smart’ service to boost global epidemic...

The threat of a global pandemic is rising again. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is grappling with the world’s second-largest Ebola epidemic on record, with more than...
Clean Energy

Women in Kenya may not be reaping the benefits of clean energy

No one’s life should be limited by how they cook. Yet globally, three billion people depend on polluting, open fires or inefficient stoves to cook their food, harming health, the climate, and...
Blue Band Master

The Chef betting on margarine to hack your taste buds

The joy that comes from munching a supremely baked caked cannot be underestimated. In every decent restaurant, cake is almost always an ubiquitous site; strategically positioned in a manner...
Peter Simpson Guiness

Master Brewer shares the keys to crafting the finest beer

Peter Simpson says that beer is a very personal thing, and when any layman analyzes consumer trends even here in Kenya – Peter surely does have a point. “As...