Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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The secret to stellar results and thriving students, is their teachers

When Laura Orlando completed her teaching course at Kaimosi Training college six years ago, her dream to inspire Kenya’s next generation inched closer. Ms. Orlando was even lucky to...
Equity Millennials

Millennials don’t like banks, at least not in the traditional sense

Compared to any other channel, the new bankable millennial in Kenya today overwhelmingly prefers to use their smartphone for making financial transactions of any size. With a simple...
Guinness Hop House 13

EABL is betting on a new Guinness variant to drive revenue growth

Two hundred and fifty years later, Guinness remains one of the most popular beers in an arguably overcrowded booze market. And, on 27th of September, the Irish brewer which trades in Kenya...

What’s the right way to have a beer? Asking for a friend

That the alcohol industry in Kenya has over the past few years expanded like crazy, is not news. Booze has become a key driver of the economy with its manufactures controlling sizable...
Ebola Virus

Kenya should worry about the Ebola virus outbreak

The Ebola virus that first swept through the isolated forest village of Yambuku in Northern Zaire, continues to haunt health officials and economies all over the world, 43 years later.