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World Cup

TV will bring Russia World Cup to more than half of the world’s population

Kenyan viewers will be on the race of pushing up the global number of fans who will watch the world cup past the record set in South Africa. The first World Cup on the continent...
Taweza medical camp eldoret

Over 2500 turn up for the Twaweza medical camp in Eldoret

For a year now Sarah ‘Mama Adrian’ an Eldoret resident has been suffering from ulcers and her child Adrian 3, suffers from a chest condition and tonsils. Like most Kenyans, she has been unable to access...

Whisky on the rocks, is Kenya market ready for Moet’s premium brands

Moet figures Kenyans are ready for its story to sell premium whiskey Glenmorangie, a single malt Scotch Whisky which is among its product offering as it expands its market. Glenmorangie’s business development manager Charlie Steel...

Top ten killer diseases in Kenya

There are many diseases that will kill you in Kenya. But here is the list of the top 10 killers in Kenya according to the CDC. HIV/AIDS - 15 per cent Lower Respiratory Infections...
Lewa Marathon

Running as hobby for a cause: Eighteen years of Lewa Marathon

Ever since a cook, Coroebus of Elis, ran flapping naked for 192 meters to earn his place as the fastest Greek in the first Olympics held in 776 BC, the glory of running a...