Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Beer could be an embodiment of national symbolism

On October 5th, the beer started flowing at Oktoberfest in Nairobi, a two-day festival organized by the brewers of Tusker – one of the country’s most adored beers – that has become...

The secret to stellar results and thriving students, is their teachers

When Laura Orlando completed her teaching course at Kaimosi Training college six years ago, her dream to inspire Kenya’s next generation inched closer. Ms. Orlando was even lucky to...
Absa youth

The social cost of frustrated youth can be high, but Barclays has a plan.

In most nations, a large youthful population would be viewed as an economic blessing. Here in Kenya, the youth make up at least seventy-five percent of the country’s total population. Nonetheless, faced...

Kenyans are overwhelmingly unprepared for retirement

Retirement is not like a fairy tale where the characters live happily ever after, it is a whole different story altogether. And, according to the latest industry report by the Association of...
Nairobi Slum Food Vendor

A day with a Nairobi slum food vendor

Mary Omweno picks a canister containing liquid bio-ethanol fuel and firmly fixes it on to a two-banner cooker on top of the table inside her food stall in N-market, Mountain View area, about 9...