Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Digital banking

How digitization will continue to support Bank growth in Kenya

Kenya leads the continent in mobile banking penetration. Its success was due to a dominant mobile operator, the high mobile phone penetration vs. low...

The cost of a full trade war on tariffs

In a trade war, everyone loses. According to theĀ United Nations Conference on Trade and DevelopmentĀ (UNCTAD), exporters will face higher tariffs regardless of whether they...
Central Bank of Kenya

Why Kenyan Banks are less profitable

Despite top-tier banks reporting impressive results at the first quarter, the sector saw a decrease in return on assets from 2.67 percent to 2.62...
Unga Group

American firm gets ten more days to sell offer to Unga shareholders

The twists and turns in the sale of Unga Group took on a new angle after closing date was extended by 10 days over...
Centum Investments

Focus shifts to value of Centum assets as firm books 67 percent profit drop

Whether the sale of GenAfrica by Investment firm Centum would have saved the company from the 67 percent drop in profit will be left...