KenolKobil Shares

Oil Marketer KenolKobil set to list employee shares

KenolKobil shares may decline to Sh13 following a move to list new ordinary shares under the Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP). Read also: New proposals to attract listing at the NSE Will local investors save...

New proposals to attract listing at the NSE

The Capital markets authority wants new policies to stimulate listing at the NSE that has declined over the last couple of years. In the main segment the last firm to list was Deacons which is...
NSE trading

Will local investors save the NSE

Local investors took positions making up 62.2 percent of Monday’s trading at the NSE following weeks of exiting foreigners on dampened investor appetite. According to Standard Investment Bank, foreign investors sustained their bearish stance at the...

NSE Derivatives markets edges closer

You can now make money even if you have 10 percent of the value required to buy shares under a new derivative market that is about to go live at the NSE (Nairobi Securities...
Real People

Real People gets bond deadline extended

Investors have given SME lender Real People five extra months to settle a defaulted loan opting not to turn their debt to shareholding. Read also: Real problems in real estate Last month the firm warned that the...