Most corporations will struggle in the wake of COVID-19, some more than others

COVID-19 is not an unsound government policy that companies can simply unite to lobby against. But that hasn’t stopped them from doing everything in their power to halt...

Zuri, Safaricom’s AI-powered Chatbot comes to WhatsApp

Whenever a Kenyan is put on hold by a Safaricom customer care agent, they will automatically catch feelings. Even more peculiar, whenever a support issue; say an M-PESA reversal takes...

Tullow Oil reports $1.69 billion loss

Tullow Oil PLC has posted a net loss of USD 1.69 Billion for the full year ended 31 December 2019. For such a promising corporation, it posted revenues of...

Generation Jobless – here’s a way to start out in life

Economists will tell you that a large youthful population is essentially aneconomic blessing. But official figures assembled by the World Bank paint a grim picture of desperation. Africa is...
Lipa Na Mpesa

Fortunes change for this Ruiru businessman

So you are fresh out of campus where you received your Bachelor’s degree in Finance and business management. You have done yourself well and your parents are especially proud of you for...