Sunday, November 17, 2019
Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria – Jubilee Government has cooked budget books for seven years

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has sensationally attacked the national government for cooking books and using parliament to lie to Kenyans. The legislator, who sits in the budget...

America’s grand plan to advance commercial ties with Kenya

In August last year, when President Uhuru held a meeting with his American counterpart President Donald Trump in Washington D.C – Among the items in the bag of goodies he brought back...
Safaricom Half year

Safaricom’s boss welcomes the Airtel Telkom merger but says some conditions must be met

On September 3rd, Telkom Kenya CEO Mr. Mugo kibati caused a sensation when he accused Safaricom of frustrating an intended merger with Airtel – before it emerged that it was indeed anti-corruption...
Safaricom Mast

Mobile operator to ride on partnerships as plans to penetrate new markets intensifies

The Ethiopian government is soon expected to grant a telecom license to two new international telecoms with Safaricom poised to be among the beneficiaries. Despite a tough regulatory environment plus...
Blue Band Master

The Chef betting on margarine to hack your taste buds

The joy that comes from munching a supremely baked caked cannot be underestimated. In every decent restaurant, cake is almost always an ubiquitous site; strategically positioned in a manner...