Wahome Thuku

Lawyer Wahome Thuku gives tips on how to avoid being framed

In Kenya, it's very easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Yes, you could be very innocent. But this is a country where one is guilty till you prove yourself...
Base Titanium

Base titanium pays debt, eyes virgin plant

Base Titanium, the Australian company mining titanium in Kenya is eying a facility to fund a Sh32 billion investment in a new plant in Madagascar. The company has retired its Sh21.5 billion loan this year...
Kenyan Youth

18 years of transformation, the Safaricom story

This month a number of Kenyans who will be turning eighteen will be the first group of a generation that has grown up without knowing life without mobile phones. Just 18 years ago, making calls...
KenolKobil Shares

Oil Marketer KenolKobil set to list employee shares

KenolKobil shares may decline to Sh13 following a move to list new ordinary shares under the Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP). Read also: New proposals to attract listing at the NSE Will local investors save...
National Bank Of Kenya

National Bank pitches for customer deposits as shareholder recapitalization delays

National Bank wants to get much-needed liquidity from customers and institutions that bank with it as its capital raising from owners drags on. NBK announced a funds drive promising to pay interest rates above the...