Why African CEOs are playing it safe

Chief executives of some eighty-three African conglomerates remain a worried lot. This is according to the latest revelations by Audit Firm PWC, contained in the newly released 2019 African Business Agenda Report.

Does kenya need to buy maize from Tanzania, Mexico; who is fooling who?

The fears that Kenyan maize farmers had been having were confirmed on Thursday, a high ranking official from the Tanzanian government confirmed its intention to sell one million tonnes of the commodity to East...
Patrick Njoroge

Njoroge: By doing away with the daily transaction limit of Ksh1 million, we would...

Kenya is at a crossroads. Geographically, it sits almost perfectly between East and West, North and South, which makes for a natural trade and financial hub. Kenya also has some of the most sophisticated financial infrastructure in...
Barclays Timiza

Why Timiza will change the face of SME in Kenya

Exactly one year after launch, Barclays Kenya yesterday reported that its Timiza platform has registered over 3 million new customers and lent out over Ksh 10 billion. Barclays Kenya Managing director, Mr. Jeremy Awori said...
Wahome Thuku

Lawyer Wahome Thuku gives tips on how to avoid being framed

In Kenya, it's very easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Yes, you could be very innocent. But this is a country where one is guilty till you prove yourself...