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You’ve most certainly exchanged these words with your better half before either on text or via a call.

Sample this: Hey, honey… How are you today?

I’m fine sweetheart…

The affection in these words usually point to one direction, that you love each other, right? So why does it often feel like you are not reading from the same script?

In any relationship, communication is the lifeblood of your unity and various people usually express and experience love quite differently.

Relationship guru Gary Chapman theorized that people dovetail into one of five categories when it comes to showing their love and affection to each other.

So what are these categories and which one best describes how you or your better half approach relationships?

Acts of service: For these people, actions speak louder than words and one is usually wired to do some chores such as cooking dinner, picking up coffee, running errands, taking care of the little ones as a show of affection among others.

If your partner recognizes your acts of service, try doing some of these tasks such as washing the dishes if they’re having a bad day and they’ll become very appreciative of you.

Receiving gifts: for some people, what makes them feel most loved is to receive that surprise gift, which could be an item of sentimental value in their life, flowers, gift-swapping occasions, as well as appreciating gifts. This love language is about the thought that goes into picking a gift for your partner.

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Spending quality time together: this another love language that is all about giving the other person your attention and it can be aptly captured by the both of you having date nights, maintaining eye contact during conversations, trying new life experiences together as well as toasting during your key moments such as your wedding anniversaries.

Physical touch: if you love cuddling, holding hands, hugs, massages, sitting side-by-side then physical touch is your love language. For you, nothing speaks more deeply than an appropriate touch.

Words of affirmation: if your partner craves words of affirmation such as “I love you”, try leaving a thoughtful note in the house or car or sending sweet texts once or twice a day, since this might be their love language.

How about if you came to learn of your partner’s love language from someone else? Yes, through love swap. Think about this: what happens when couples swap partners to test the strength of their relationship over a meal? This is the brand-new reality showing on HONEY (DStv channel 173) that seeks to offer answers to that question.

Love Swap HONEY (ch. 173) | DStv: What happens when you throw two couples together for the first time?

Most people have at least considered the delights of swapping their lives especially with someone of great influence, wealth, and fame. And who could blame them?

Imagining the joy of lush sunsets in the coast of some dream island could easily trigger a little daydream about how life is like on the other side.

But for couples on Love Swap, things are taken quite literally.

In Love Swap, couples switch their better halves, whip a meal for their “new partner” and as they prepare their favorite food in the kitchen, they open up in hearty conversations, learning a little more about each other’s love life, their likes and dislikes and such other things that define who they are.

Viewers learn about their love language besides their personalities and why they are willing to risk everything in order to save their unions.

At the end of each cooking session, the two couples enjoy their dinner together while sharing their opinions about each other and what they’ve learnt.

Fascinating, isn’t it? See how it all unfolds on Love Swap, airing on Dstv channel 173 Wednesdays. WAT (18:00) CAT (19:00) EAT (20:00).

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