Netflix's English to Swahili direct translation often resulted in wrong insinuations.

Movie streaming service Netflix plans to retire Swahili sub-titles from its entertainment offering to viewers from the region.

In May 2019, Netflix introduced Swahili subtitles to its film services but critics on Twitter and social media platforms had a different opinion on the matter as it turned out that the translations were completely laughable.

“As of July 30, 2021, we will no longer be supporting the Swahili language on your Netflix experience while we work to provide a better local experience to help you enjoy the movies and TV shows you love,” read part of the email communication to customers.

Quite often, a lot can be lost in language translation as Netflix found out.

For the two years the service has been running, Kenyans on Twitter couldn’t help it but bash the company for the inexcusable, embarrassing language gaffes.

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For instance, “Hey @Netflix PLEASE switch off your HORRIBLE Swahili subtitles. ‘Bye guys’ ‘Kwaheri wanaume’ Are you crazy? Bad Bad translation is WORSE than no translation. @DoltBetty said on May 4, 2019.

 The company’s direct translation moves often resulted in wrong insinuations.

“Netflix translations to Swahili are odd… and inaccurate. Which makes me doubt all the other programs I’ve watched with subtitles ….Have they been all wrong?? (@NizzyKE) May 12, 2019.

However, Netflix subscribers will continue catching up with content in English and other languages.

“Netflix will continue to be available in English and many other languages, this will include providing some of your favorite local and international entertainment in Swahili in the future,” added Netflix.

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