In a new campaign, Black Shines Brightest, Guinness will be working with budding culture makers in Africa "who embody the spirit of Black Shines Brightest in different ways."

Across Africa, each country carries its signature beer but a traveler will be sure to spot a few multinational brands in cooler boxes on the continent.

But no other beer company has managed to create its brand awareness other than the black frothy Guinness.

You will find it across the continent in different shapes, sizes, and alcohol concentrations but you will recognize its dark texture and strength.

Over the centuries, Guinness has cultivated its brand presence through bespoke campaigns, advertisement, and football that has seen it acquire significant market share in Africa.

But it is the brand’s signature bitter taste, strong alcohol content, and rusty appeal that has seen the beer cut a niche market among the older generation.

The new African consumer is, however, young and is being wooed by European brands such as Tuborg, Heineken, and its tequila-flavored pale lager Desperados.

To rise up to the challenge, Guinness has been reinventing itself, and appealing to a younger audience, wooing the female taste preferences and its sales are surging.

This year, Guinness trademark saw sales growth of 32 percent across the continent following the introduction of modern-day drinks such as Guinness Smooth and Guinness Hop House.

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This uptick was driven by its development in established markets such as Africa’s largest economy Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and new markets like Tanzania where local production and new African-specific variants such as Guinness Smooth are confirming its credentials of quality and heritage with a very local connection.

“Guinness has been enjoyed across Africa for over a century, indeed the region has several versions of Guinness it enjoys from Foreign Extra Stout (FES), which was first introduced back in 1759 through to more modern-day drinks such as Guinness Smooth and Guinness Hop House,” Kenya Breweries Ltd Managing Director John Musunga said.

“This proves the need for us to continue focusing on growth by positioning the brand from the older, heavily masculine association to a more vibrant, a fun, inclusive brand that seeks to appeal to both the younger generation as well as women,” he said.

Guinness is tapping pop culture and social communities around young people as they promote fresh talent creating their own path.

Building on the success of growing sales Guinness wants to bring the experience directly to consumers under an ambitious campaign that celebrates the young lives and dreams of everyday Africans under Black Shines Brightest Campaign.

In Kenya, it will work with popular artists and trailblazers to bring out the spirit of black shines brightest that revolves around the spheres of fashion, music, art, and food.

The movers and shakers in this partnership include Adelle Onyango, Cris Njoki, Mutua Matheka, Chef Stephanie, Brian Musasia, Filbert Kwiche, Just Rioba, Dapper Brother, and Olive Karmen, and many others.

They will also have various more individuals showcased on the Black Shines Brightest docuseries and that will speak on their craft and what makes them shine bright.

In other markets across Africa, these artists include Fireboy (international star), Incredible Zigi (Ghanaian choreographer), Prince Nelson Enwerem (Nigerian movie star), Nandy (Tanzanian singer) plus plenty more.

Guinness says it is giving the younger generation renewed belief that it’s possible to shine in their own way.

While at it, Guinness is building itself into the grain of future consumers as the recognizable brand across Africa in every local tavern.

The new campaign and the Brighthouse are expected to keep consumers intrigued and excited as we enter into the festive season.

Mr Musunga said consumers should look out for other Brighthouse bars and activities that will be popping up near them and welcome them to responsibly enjoy a drink with friends as they shine bright.

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