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Travelers in Naivasha, Nakuru, Kisumu, and Eldoret now have a new offering for their travel after taxi-hailing firm Uber unveils services in these urban centres.

Taxi-hailing company Uber expanded services into Naivasha, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu even as the firm announced the launch of new products, updates, and features focused on travel, safety and delivery in Kenya.

Entry into new towns means that more drivers have access to earning opportunities and more riders an affordable, convenient, and reliable travel solution throughout the region, at the tap of a button.

Traveling across the city with an entire crew has never been easier, with the launch of UberXL in Nairobi, Kenya. This option provides seating for up to six people and extra luggage and is great for airport trips and even for groups who are making a business trip.

To help reduce costs for riders and increase demand for drivers, Uber is rolling out ChapChap Share, the option of a shared ride that gives up to 30 percent of savings on trip fares, when a rider is paired with a co-rider.

“We are committed to East Africa, a key contributor to the growth of our business in Sub-Saharan Africa. We’re passionate about helping people travel and discover their city with ease and helping drivers increase earning opportunities,” said Imran Manji Uber Head of East Africa

Additionally, Uber will be rolling out a new safety feature, Safety Check Up, which will encourage riders to complete their safety profile by turning on and utilising the available features such as Trusted Contacts, PIN verification, and Ride Check.

Moving forward, Uber Eats continues to push beyond boundaries with the adoption of the growing trend of dark stores, which gives non-traditional merchants opportunities to tap into unchartered markets that they wouldn’t have easily accessed.

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Uber Eats currently operates in South Africa and Kenya. Kui Mbugua, General Manager for Uber Eats Kenya says, “With a 67 percent year-on-year growth of subscriptions on Eats, we are humbled and encouraged by the expansion that we have seen in the South Africa and Kenya markets.

“The future of logistics and technology in emerging markets looks promising. Our overall vision continues to be to build locally using global experience and become a one-stop shop for delivery needs. Not only is Uber Eats creating unique earning opportunities, but our operations also have a positive knock-on effect on restaurants, merchants, and delivery people. Looking ahead, we are committed to leading the category by investing in product and access, while leveraging the power of the platform,” explains Kui.

Uber Eats is also rolling out new features across Sub-Saharan Africa such as Item Replacements, which allows consumers to choose the next best item if the original item is out of stock and Safety Age Verification for customers to scan their IDs to confirm they are of legal age to purchase alcohol and pharmacy items. 

The delivery marketplace is a sunrise industry with the potential for massive development and expansion across the continent, with the potential to reach over 30 million people with Uber Eats’ unique technology-driven delivery services.

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